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    Cornelia Parker

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    Hanging Fire Suspected Arson, 1999
    Charcoal, wire, pins, nails
    Length: 140 cm Width: 84 cm Height: 220 cm

    <b>hotpokerbillboard-web</b><br>						Cornelia Parker<br />2011<br>10 x 13.5ft billboard installation																	<br style="clear: both;" /><br style="clear: both;" />

    Hot Poker – 2011

    Cornelia Parker

    Meteorite Lands in the Middle of Nowhere, 2001, The American series
    Map revealing burn mark left by the meteorite in various locations. Missing: Roswell (New Mexico); Waco (Texas); Truth or Consequences (New Mexico),,Hitting: Paris (Texas); Bagdad (Louisiana); Bethlehem (North Carolina)  45 x 65 x 4 cm